Removable dentures

Removable dentures

Removable dentures replace missing or damaged teeth and bone structures that are reabsorbed after the loss of natural teeth. It is a treatment that restores dental anatomy with prosthetic devices that the patient can remove from his mouth.

Commonly known as removable dentures, since the patient can put them in or out by himself. These prosthesis can rest on the gums or anchored to implants with a kind of abutments or connectors. When losing more than one tooth or all of the teeth, removable dentures help restore chewing, speech, and aesthetics.


  • First of all, a set of impression is taken that will after allow work models to be obtained.
  • The information and prints provided by the clinic are processed in the dental laboratory.
  • To conclude, several tests are performed prior to the finishing and delivery of the prosthesis to the patient: size checks, shape and colour of each prosthetic teeth.

Benefits of removable dentures

  • It is possible to place a total or partial prosthesis (metal or acrylic resin) in one or two arches without having to carve healthy teeth.
  • They can be extracted and placed by the patient, which simplifies cleaning and daily hygiene.
  • Thanks to this type of dental prosthesis, the patient can smile without shame and with a perfect set of teeth.
  • They are an economical alternative for those who want to regain their teeth and smile.
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