Tooth whitening

Tooth whitening

Lack of oral hygiene, tartar, tooth decay, drinks like tea, coffee or wine, medicine and tobacco, among other factors, contribute to discoloration and alterations of the colour and shade of teeth. Tooth whitening is the ideal solution to recover the natural colour of your teeth and the attractive, youthful and healthy smile you have always wanted.

Tooth whitening is a modern treatment that allows you to lighten teeth colour reducing the shade of the enamel. The goal is to achieve whiter, bright and aesthetic looking teeth. It’s a conservative and comfortable technique for the patient technique, which offers immediate results and does not alter the tooth structure or damage the enamel.

What is tooth whitening?

  • Tooth whitening can be done in different ways: clinical tooth whitening, at own home whitening and combined dental whitening (clinic and home).
  • For each of these options it is essential to previously verify the state of health of the patient’s teeth and gums, as well as the absence of decay and dental fissures. The original shade of the teeth is recorded and a professional cleaning is carried out to remove impurities and plaque.
  • Whitening at the clinic begins with the protection of the gums with a special paste and barrier. Then a highly concentrated hydrogen peroxide gel is applied on the surface of the teeth. The peroxide is activated by a lamp of cold light and penetrates in the enamel lightening the teeth.
  • With the at-home whitening the expert takes a few imprints of the patient to prepare a transparent splint. This splint has to fit perfectly, as otherwise, the gum would be damaged. A whitening kit is supplied together with the splint. With this option it is the patient who, under the instructions and supervision of the specialist, applies the bleaching product at home.
  • Combined dental whitening is the most recommended, since it is the most effective method: teeth are lightened 3 or 4 tones, and the results last far longer.

Benefits of tooth whitening

  • Tooth whitening is a simple procedure, fast, effective, long lasting and painless.
  • The result is a smile with a lighter shade, whiter and cleaner looking teeth.
  • Teeth appear visibly whiter from the first session.
  • A beautiful smile with white teeth provides self-confidence and makes a pleasant impression.
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