Fixed dental prosthesis

Fixed dental prosthesis

A fixed dental prosthesis is an artificial custom made device with one or several teeth that is placed in the mouth to replace lost or worn teeth. The purpose of this treatment is to improve the chewingfunction, speech and the patient’s smile.

There are two types of fixed dentures: metal-ceramic and ceramic. Fixed prosthesis do not need be removed by the patient for as long as they last, therefore they act similar to natural teeth and give a completely natural appearance, both in colour and shape.


  • First, a detailed study of the state of the piece or teeth to be treated must be done: x-rays, pictures, impressions, colour and desired shape, shade registration, etc.
  • At the clinic, impressions are taken and the teeth are prepared and crowns or temporary bridges are left ready. Next these prints are sent to the dental laboratory and processed to obtain plaster models, scanning and the design of the teeth from the technical specialist.
  • All our laboratories work with the CAD-CAM method, a technological system that allows the design and the manufacture of dental prosthesis by computer, which provides accuracy and precision when putting together the prosthesis.
  • Using a series of tests, more parameters such as fitting, colour, shape, occlusion, points of contact and so on are checked.
  • Once the previous tests have successfully been concluded, we work on placing and cementing the denture into the patient’s mouth.

Benefits of fixed dentures

  • Fixed dentures are comfortable and provide great support and firmness.
  • In addition to improving dental aesthetics, chewing and speaking, they boost self-confidence and your smile.
  • They represent a good alternative for patients who, for whatever reason, cannot access treatment with implants.
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